Padel Courts Coverage in Loiu


Padel Courts Coverage in Loiu

New coverage and padel courts renewal in Loiu

Year: 2017

Location: Loiu, Bizkaia.

Architects: TAPER

Building engineer: Isaac Barquin Aguirre

Structural engineer: Joanes Barcena Garcia

Client: Ayuntamiento de Loiu

Constructor: Murias, Egoin

Photography: TAPER

The proposal  tries to provide a roofing in simple and restrained way, answering to sustainability criteria and landscape integration, and keeping the architectural interest of the piece.


The covering, due to its division in folds and materiality, loses its heaviness, it approaches to the surroundings in a friendly scale and allows natural light to get in. A translucent polycarbonate  lateral enclosure hangs slightly from the roof, completing courts conditioning.


The structure is design according to standardization, industrialization and economic parameters. Light steel pillars bear plywood beams . A simple corrugated sheet completes the roofing,  leaving project’s expressiveness to the geometry designed in wood and polycarbonate.