Apartment refurbishment in Santutxu / Bilbao


Apartment refurbishment in Santutxu / Bilbao

Complete apartment refurbishment in Santutxu

Year: 2019

Location: Bilbao, Bizkaia

Area: 69m2

Architects: TAPER

Photography: Biderbost photo

Given the initial display of the apartment, the refurbisment focuses on the treatment of wet parts -kitchen and bathrooms- and the hall, working on how they can be related to the rest of the spaces. In this sense, the entrance is slightly enlarged and completed by a custom made wardrobe. This piece, in addition to being an element of great functionality, due to its storage capacity, integrates the accesses to the bedrooms, providing them with greater privacy and sound insulation. The main space of the apartment includes the kitchen and the living room. The steel and glass wall of the kitchen, thanks to its practicalbe windows, is able to adapt to different situations, always allowing the visual connection between the two pieces.