Herriko plaza Loiu


Herriko plaza Loiu

Renovation of Loiu’s town square

year: 2021

location: Loiu, Bizkaia

architects: TAPER

technical architect: Jose Ramón Álvarez

client: Ayuntamiento de Loiu

The Project arises from the need to reform the town square of Loiu since, due to the use, it has been deteriorated manifesting the need for conditioning and adaptation of the square and its surrounding spaces to a more modern aesthetic.


The reform proposal aims to enhance the centrality of the square as a point of reference both for the daily life of the residents of Loiu as well as for the different events and celebrations that take place in the municipality.


The project works along three main lines: To configure a clear and recognizable space with the Town Hall as a central element. To multiply the conditions of use of the square by providing more resting spaces with benches and perimeter bleachers that delimit the central diaphanous space. Finally, to improve the conditions of approach and accessibility of the square towards Zabaloetxe etorbidea and Santa Lucia kalea.


As for the new materiality, granite aggregate paving combined with the warmth provided by the elondo wood covering of benches and bleachers. Likewise, the facilities are made more friendly by providing half-height ambient lighting, a new self-cleaning toilet and the replanting of green areas.