Bus shetler in Oñati


Bus shetler in Oñati

Adaptation of bus stop and toilet in Elorregi

Year: 2023

Location: Oñati, Gipuzkoa.

Arcuitects: TAPER

Client: Ayuntamiento de Oñati

Constructor: Aplibur

Photography: Aitor Estevez

The project is based on the need to integrate a public toilet at the San Prudentzio stop. This need, however, becomes an opportunity to generate a new element that, while improving conditions for users, also gives a recognisable image to such a busy bus stop.


The proposal seeks to unite under a single element the different uses associated with the bus stop in contrast to the dispersed condition of the current pieces.


The idea, therefore, is to generate a protected, comfortable and pleasant place, adapting its waiting function. A small oasis of tranquillity and seclusion in a space dominated by infrastructures.


In this way a small piece of urban furniture is generated in the manner of a “waiting pavilion”, a condition generated through the addition of a double skin that emphasises the contrast between “inside and outside”. The outer skin folded in stainless steel, which with its mirror effect captures the tones of its surroundings and blends in with them. The interior cladding, on the other hand, is made of phenolic panels whose feel to the touch, accompanied by the dark grey colour, provides a warmer and a cosier atmosphere.